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What Every Tenant Should Know Before Deciding on a Vacation Rental Home

Terms You Should be Aware of

Lake Front vs. Lake Rights???


A lake front property means that the owner of the premises literally owns, by deed, the frontage that is on the lake.
This frontage can be DIRECT LAKE FRONTAGE** or ACROSS the ROAD from the actual parcel that you are staying at.
Since the lake front is owned outright by the owner, you have the right to use this area while renting the premises. No one shares this frontage with you. It is for your exclusive use and enjoyment while you are there!


This is the “cream of the crop” for renting, if you will. It means that the owner owns the frontage and that this particular frontage is directly on the premises and there aren’t any roads to cross to get to it!! The best part is that no one else will be sharing any part of that frontage with you!*
(In most cases, you can even enjoy that first cup of coffee from the deck or screened porch, as you sit within feet of the lake and soak in those beautiful views!)


A lake rights property means that the owner of the main premises has use, by their deed in most cases, to use a specific lake front area.
This is a SHARED area and is only to be used by homes that have a deed stating such.
THIS IS NOT PUBLIC FRONTAGE and no one has the right to just “stop in” and use the premises. It is for your use while staying at that particular rental because the owner has the right which is temporarily transferred to you by his deeded and agreed upon rights.


Friends Lake does not have a public access or boat launch. This lake is exclusive to the owners via lake front or lake right deeds only. One may not just come to Friends Lake and launch a boat or any watercraft, whether it is a motor or non-motor boat.
Should you want to rent a NON-motor boat or watercraft, you can call the local marinas in our area to see if they can accommodate a rental boat or watercraft of your choice and bring it to the house you are renting for that particular time slot. The Marinas know the rules and regulations of this lake- ALL boats MUST be thoroughly washed with bleach just prior to putting it into the lake. NOTE: There is a Sheriff Patrol on the lake and they do random checks to ensure proper usage of this beautifully pristine and protected lake.
Friends Lake is mostly used for canoeing, kayaking, rowing and gentleman boating. It is not for those looking to bring a wave runner or Jet Ski. These are NOT permitted on Friends Lake.


Loon Lake Marina (Stolen) (518) 494-3410
Brant Lake Marina (Palmer Bros.) (518) 494-2677
Schroon Lake Marina (518) 532-7884
E-Z Marine (518) 494-7381