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Amanda Bain

Real Estate Salesperson

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Amanda Bain

, Real Estate Salesperson

I have worked in Quality and Regulatory for
medical devices for several years. Before that
I worked in accounting, procurement and
contracts. I have an associate’s degree in
Criminal Justice, Bachelors in International
Business and in process of completing a MBA –
Project Management.
Real estate has always been a huge interest to
me. For years, I has spent time looking at
properties and dreaming about someday playing a
bigger role in the real estate world. My goal
is to use my passion for real estate to help
others open the door to their real estate
dream. My hope is to build relationships
through real estate transactions. I am
dedicated to taking the time to fully
understand my clients and customers, and then
help plan realistic goals that will faster
bring their real estate dream to reality. I
look forward to working through your real
estate challenge, to being innovative and
determined to ensure all of my clients have the
opportunity to realize their dream of buying,
or selling their home.
Rather it is your first home purchase, or your
tenth; first time selling, or you’re a seasoned
investor, I look forward to travelling your
real estate path with you. By bringing my
experience, together with learning from your
experiences, and understanding your concerns,
we’ll drive your real estate goal to a final
I look forward to hearing from you. Please call