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Proudly serving the Southern Adirondack and Glens Falls NY Region

Photo of Kevin Enright

Kevin Enright

Real Estate Salesperson
Phone number for Kevin Enright518-480-4544 | Email address for Kevin Enrightemail
Photo of Bradley Laustrup

Bradley Laustrup

Phone number for Bradley Laustrup518-307-6973 | Email address for Bradley Laustrupemail
Photo of Cindy Auer

Cindy Auer

Phone number for Cindy Auer518-744-1098 | Email address for Cindy Aueremail
Photo of Janet DiManno

Janet DiManno

Phone number for Janet DiManno518-796-9710 | Email address for Janet DiMannoemail
Photo of Joanne Bouchard

Joanne Bouchard

Phone number for Joanne Bouchard518-222-8427 | Email address for Joanne Bouchardemail
Photo of Bonnisue Neil

Bonnisue Neil

Phone number for Bonnisue Neil518-744-4824 | Email address for Bonnisue Neilemail
Photo of Candice Seiler

Candice Seiler

Phone number for Candice Seiler518-222-2902 | Email address for Candice Seileremail
Photo of Stephen Satterfield

Stephen Satterfield

Phone number for Stephen Satterfield518-321-2071 | Email address for Stephen Satterfieldemail
Photo of Mary Van Leuven

Mary Van Leuven

Phone number for Mary Van Leuven518-796-5292 | Email address for Mary Van Leuvenemail
Photo of Tammy Sutphin

Tammy Sutphin

Phone number for Tammy Sutphin518-796-2211 | Email address for Tammy Sutphinemail
Photo of Holly Wheeler

Holly Wheeler

Phone number for Holly Wheeler518-744-8847 | Email address for Holly Wheeleremail
Photo of Fleshia Volpe

Fleshia Volpe

Phone number for Fleshia Volpe518-260-7626 | Email address for Fleshia Volpeemail
Photo of Laurie O

Laurie O'Neil-Puckette

Phone number for Laurie O518-796-2535 | Email address for Laurie Oemail
Photo of Tina Combs

Tina Combs

Phone number for Tina Combs518-338-2874 | Email address for Tina Combsemail
Photo of Tess Baker

Tess Baker

Phone number for Tess Baker518-253-5403 | Email address for Tess Bakeremail
Photo of Richard Kline

Richard Kline

Phone number for Richard Kline518-744-6701 | Email address for Richard Klineemail
Photo of Jill Brady

Jill Brady

Phone number for Jill Brady518-932-8077 | Email address for Jill Bradyemail
Photo of Susan Kassal

Susan Kassal

Phone number for Susan Kassal518-222-0102 | Email address for Susan Kassalemail
Photo of Travis Scarincio

Travis Scarincio

Phone number for Travis Scarincio518-321-8381 | Email address for Travis Scarincioemail
Photo of Shelley Englert

Shelley Englert

Phone number for Shelley Englert518-812-5510 | Email address for Shelley Englertemail
Photo of Sherrill Hazelton

Sherrill Hazelton

Phone number for Sherrill Hazelton518-683-1716 | Email address for Sherrill Hazeltonemail
Photo of Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson

Phone number for Ted Wilson518-744-9945 | Email address for Ted Wilsonemail